Dear Valued Customer ,

We cater to traditional International Mail Order clientele, 4-5 star hotels & resorts , private tennis,squash, and yacht clubs, corporate gifts, men's tailored wedding trousers, tailored 17" lawn-tennis shorts for men & women (28-44) , NEW handmade tropical creamy white wool crew sweater , NEW handmade in England all-over cable lawn tennis/golf sweaters & vests, premium 100% cotton short sleeve & full sleeve polo shirts , 100% pima cotton racquets mock-t's , exclusive 100% cotton oxford & pinpoint oxford button-down dress shirts, deluxe white 16 oz. cotton/velour shawl collar robes, kimonos & hooded robes , tailored 100% cotton/canvas trousers & Bermudas , tailored creamy white tropical flannel/bone cream gabardine & white cotton brushed twill trousers & Bermudas , our famous 24 oz. handmade custom zippered totes & duffels , our signature white & natural color tennis straw hats & our hunter green Grass Court racquets belt plus Nantucket whale belts in many color combos. New 100% pima cotton deluxe Polo shirts, new white cotton/fleece full cut/straight leg sweatpant, and new custom light blue Seersucker sailing belts.

Many thanks for your business , 

Reid Babcox , Pres.
Quechee, VT USA